Welcome to the wonderful world of Newborns! I'm awestruck everyday by the way that children see the world, and I can only imagine what babies dreams about. It is that thought that inspires me for every newborn session as a photographer. "What do their whimsical, sweet and pure thought's consist of"? I try to capture a little bit of that in each photo. The calm. The peace. The innocence. The unconditional love. The hope. The imagination. The wonderful moments to be. When you allow the time to have newborn portraits or family portraits taken, you are essentially preserving a memory forever. I consider it a bonus when the kids walk away having had fun!
As for me? I call Selah home, but have grown up in the Yakima Valley. I'm a mother of a couple of spunky children who have hearts of gold. We are a military family, which simply means I can do my own plumbing while browsing pinterest for craft ideas. We are a snow skiing family,! Well, I'm more of a hot cocoa in the lodge kind of girl. I love to laugh, I love Jesus, I love that my neighbors little girl thinks my name is Princess(I may or may not have told her it was), and I love to see the beauty of every thing and maybe get the chance to capture it in a photograph for someone else to enjoy.